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Veterans Day is November 11th and is a time for all of us to pay tribute to the men and women that have served our country. Make plans now to reach out to veterans and offer them the opportunity to continue to make a difference and change lives in their community.

The Involve a U.S. Veteran program waives the charter or entrance fee for any qualifying veteran who joins a new or existing Lions club. Eligible veterans include retired U.S. military personnel or honorably-discharged members of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard Services, Marines, National Guard, Navy or Reserves. Those currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves are also eligible. This special pilot program is offered only in the United States.

As service members leave the military and come home, Lions clubs provide them an opportunity to get involved in their communities and serve. Visit the Involve a U.S. Veteran Web page to learn more about this special program. You can download a fact sheet, promotional flyer, certification form and a sample press release to help promote your Lions club.